Multiphasic Sex Inventory II - Adolescent Female Form

The MSI II Adolescent Female Form is designed to measure the sexual characteristics of an adolescent female alleged to have committed a sex offense or sexual misconduct and can be used both to do a sex deviance evaluation and also to measure treatment progress. It can be useful in evaluation a client who has been alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct but who denies any such behavior. This form should not be used with 12 or 13 year old clients unless they admit committing a sexual offense.
Description and Scales
The MSI II Adolescent Female Form is strictly a research level instrument. Scales are constructed from both the adolescent male and the adult female tests and there are additional indices unique to adolescent females such as a Dependency index and Eating Disorder index.
The MSI II Adolescent Female Form has not been researched as there are still too few cases to do a meaningful statistical analysis. Clinical hypotheses generated from the self report of adolescent females must be thoroughly verified by the referring clinician.
Form of Test
The MSI II Adolescent Female Form is a paper and pencil test with 560 true/false questions and takes approximately 90 minutes for the client to take. It requires approximately a 7th grade reading level. All forms of the MSI II must be sent to Nichols & Molinder Assessments, Inc. for scoring and interpretation. The scoring information is placed on a concise (four page) profile form designed for ease in use by clinicians.
Clinician's Handbook
While the Multiphasic Sex Inventory II Clinician's Handbook was developed for the Adult Male Form, it is useful in understanding the Adolescent Female Form as well.
The MSI II Adolescent Female Form is only available in English and has not been translated into any other languages.
While the MSI II may not be available for clinicians to score and interpret on their own for some time,a test scoring and interpretation service is presently available for those qualified clinicians who wish to begin taking advantage of the enhancements included in the MSI II. A clinician tests the client in their setting and sends the completed answer sheets to Nichols & Molinder Assessments, Inc. The results are then sent back as a 2 to 3 page report of the findings and a comprehensive four page profile form that can be used in a clinical interview, report writing, treatment planning, assessing treatment progress etc. For information on setting up a subscription, please refer to our ordering information.

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