Psychological Assessment of Sex Offenders

Nichols & Molinder Assessments, Inc. is a psychological agency specializing in the field of sex deviance. One aspect of the agency was to develop testing instruments to aid in the evaluation and treatment of sex offenders. Research toward the development of a sexual test began in 1977 at a state hospital sex offender program. The original Multiphasic Sex Inventory (MSI) designed for adult male sex offenders was published in 1984, and two years later a form designed for adolescent male sex offenders was published. The MSI is formatted much like the MMPI, but is a sexual inventory and not a personality test. It may be used routinely with other tests for the evaluation of sexual offenders and may also be used during the treatment process to determine the degree of openness and progress that an offender may be making in treatment. The MSI was specifically developed for use by clinicians who evaluate and treat admitting sex offenders.

The authors continued research into sex offender behavior and thinking patterns and an expanded test covering more aspects of a sex offender than his sexual characteristics was developed. The new test called the Multiphasic Sex Inventory II (MSI II) became available for adult males in late 1996 after years of research versions. It builds on the Original MSI and adds measures for emotional and behavioral characteristics and can be used with both accused and admitting sex offender. Versions of the MSI II for adult and adolescent males and females were developed. Research and field testing continued on all four versions of the MSI II and an update of the adult male form was released in 2000 and the adolescent male in 2001. Since the initial MSI II research project was completed in 1996, over 50,000 client referrals from all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the British Isles. The MSI II can be used with sex offenders as well as anyone where sexual issues are causing problems.

In addition to sex offender testing materials, a Psychosexual Life History (PSL Hx) has been developed. This form is unique in that it not only includes a very factual and comprehensive social-personal-sexual history inventory, but it strives to elicit subjective feelings and attitudes which the client may be experiencing. It allows a client to communicate not only about his behaviors but also about his feelings and thoughts about his life experiences and conditions. The PSL Hx has several different problem checklists to remind the client of forgotten problem areas and may be "checked off" quite quickly. No area of the client's life is avoided no matter how delicate.

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